Long-term success for your wealth

Your partner for private wealth management, financing solutions and retirement savings concepts – for every phase of your life and from generation to generation.


Ellwanger & Geiger Privatbankiers

Since 1912 we have been known for first-class advice and service . But what exactly is it that makes us, a private bank, different from other banks and financial service providers?

One very important aspect is our independence. We have no obligations to anyone – except to you, our clients.

This independence is reflected in our entire product offering. What does that mean for you? No offthe- shelf products; no marketing pressure to sell our in-house products. We take the best the market has to offer and use it to develop individually tailored solutions. A strategy which has brought great success for us and our clients. It is in keeping with our philosophy of always trying to deliver something special.

Wealth Management

Success is not something which you should leave to chance. In capital markets the right strategy is the key to long-term success – as is a dependable partner who will assist you in the implementation of the strategy.

Retirement savings concepts

In order to remain financially independent long after your professional life has ended it is essential that you actively structure your retirement plans. We can develop a retirement savings concept which is individually tailored to your specific situation.


We do not offer standardized solutions. Your individual needs and requirements will always take precedence.